Another German Visitor at Prefecture Niigata – about 150 years ago.

Arthur Richard Weber (1841-1920) – originally from Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) – lived as a merchant in Japan between 1863 and 1876. When he returned to Germany he authored a book called ‘Kontorrock und Konsulatsmütze’ about his time in Japan. I highly enjoy reading this book as it also gives an insight of the German language spoken at that time.

Further information:

Nagaoka Castle and Yukyuzan Park.

Unfortunately, Nagaoka castle was destroyed in 1868. It was located in the area of the central train station. But if you want to visit a castle-like building you can go to Yukyuzan park where they erected a modern building in a form of a castle. It contains a museum.
In den Burgen gibt es die Möglichkeit, sich einen Stempel einzutragen. Gesagt, getan.
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